The decomposing odor may be the result of a trauma, crime scene, unattended death or something less malicious involving drinks, food or pets. Either way, if you smell a highly potent odor, there is a good chance it will have health effects as well; our body’s senses have been designed to protect us from danger and that odor you smell might cause harm beyond just turning your stomach. We have an entire team of Certified Cleanup Specialists here at Merdani.

Elimination Of Toxic Odors
Once odors become overwhelming frequently they become toxic as well. Whether it is rotting food, bodily fluids or an animal decomposing – dangerous pathogens may be airborne and can be inhaled. If there is a lingering smell on your industrial or residential property that you are unable to get rid or you have pinpointed the smell’s exact source, then our decontamination specialists can locate its origin, decontaminate the odor and completely eliminate any risks that are associated with it.

Professional and Permanent Odor Cleanup Services
When it comes to decontaminating an area successfully, there’s a line that cannot be crossed. It is absolutely critical for any items that cannot be restored be removed and disposed of properly. If anything remains in the area that can’t be thoroughly sanitized, can compromise the entire area’s integrity and pose serious health threats to anybody coming in contact with the items. Every case is unique and our cleanup crew can determine what is the most appropriate approach to take for your specific situation. Doing this will guarantee that safety is restored.

Permanent Odor Removal Services
Odor on your property can come from many different sources including decomposition, spills, mold, unattended death, suicide, homicide, murder or trauma. Whatever the source, our Decomposition Odor Removal Services are able to get rid of any harmful toxins and unpleasant smells that have developed in your business or home. We have the required experience in sanitizing vehicles, public, industrial, commercial, residential and also outdoor locations. Just give us a call here at Merdani to get your property completely restored quickly and easily.

Certified Body Decomposition Odor Removal
When having to deal with dangerous substances there are numerous health risks, which your loved ones or you have hopefully not experienced. Our certified team of Body Decomposition Odor Removal specialists will decontaminate the area completely by eradicating every single potential health risk that is associated with the odor. Make sure you don’t ignore one of your major bodily senses since they have been designed to help protect you. We have the necessary training, equipment, and experience for remove all kinds of odors successfully.

The team at Merdani Services knows customer’s deserve and expect the best service and outcomes in all our projects. To help support this commitment, our employees receive extensive training in water damage repair, fire restoration, biohazard and trauma cleanup, and mold remediation. Our technicians routinely take part in continuing education courses, staying updated on the best restoration techniques to better the customer experience. We even offer continuing education courses to our partners in the insurance industry to increase understanding and to help everyone handle a loss more smoothly from start to finish. We truly are your disaster recovery experts.


When a fire is finally extinguished, it’s important to recognize that the damage is far from over. Synthetic materials create an array of chemical reactions during the burn process. In just a few days, things that might have been salvageable will be ruined. Our technicians know the proper chemical agents that will effectively clean your belongings without damaging them. This includes soot and stain removal from items made from brass, chrome, aluminum, tile, marble and many fabrics.