Owner/operator Klevis Merdani is intimately involved with every job awarded , ensuring the highest degree of quality control resulting in the best possible outcomes. We provide comprehensive solutions to our customers resulting in a seamless work cadence and superior outcome.We offering Fire & Water – Cleanup & Restoration services

Our small workforce consists of long term associates with whom we have established and maintained a close working relationship, fair compensation, and mutual respect has helped us to acquire and sustain an outstanding crew of dedicated specialists.

We are constantly striving to provide the highest level of professionalism, exemplary customer service and rapid response when called upon to assist in an emergency situation. We are in the industry of property service protection. For a few years our mission is to offer our clients better,correct service every day. Our service is the best quality. Our duty is to keep your property safe. We will also assist you in working with your insurance to cover applicable damage related costs.

Fire Damage Restoration.

When a fire is finally extinguished, it’s important to recognize that the damage is far from over. Synthetic materials create an array of chemical reactions during the burn process. In just a few days, things that might have been salvageable will be ruined. Our technicians know the proper chemical agents that will effectively clean your belongings without damaging them. This includes soot and stain removal from items made from brass, chrome, aluminum, tile, marble and many fabrics.